• Wine Glass “Troy”, Olive-green
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Wine Glass “Troy”, Olive-green

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Why it's super-duper
  • “tasty” olive color – it’ll brighten up your shelf, festive table and the beverage itself;
  • durable thickened glass – the odds of breaking it are much lower;
  • prolonged shape – to let the bubbles rise elegantly up the glass;
  • stable foot is an essential feature too, there’s no denying it.

We don’t know where this magic comes from, but you want to keep your eyes glued to such beautiful glasses forever… And also carefully, but confidently hold this masterpiece in your hands, feel the relief surface, slowly drink sophisticated wines and ponder over the eternal questions. Heavenly delight for true blue bloods.

And for everyone among us, too. This respectable wine glass is a decent present for a friend, boss, neighbor and even for yourself.


Capacity: 9.5 oz (280 ml)
Size: 6.3x3.1 in (16x8 cm)
Material: glass

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