• Wine Glass “Orleans”, Burgundy
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Wine Glass “Orleans”, Burgundy

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Why it's super-duper
  • saturated color – it’ll brighten up your shelf, festive table and the beverage itself;
  • durable thickened glass – the odds of breaking it are much lower;
  • wide mouth + super capacity = even more enjoyment;
  • stable foot is an essential feature too, there’s no denying it.

To enjoy sophisticated wine to the full, you need a special atmosphere (which is different for every person), a piece of expensive cheese (this is a must!) and, of course, the right glass. It doesn’t have to be elegant and transparent (either in its appearance or to the touch). Our retro collection of original glassware made of thick colored glass is a remarkable example of that.

This wine glass with diamond-shaped design is an option that looks respectable in any situation: during a celebration, at supper, on a shelf, in a woman’s and especially in a man’s hand.


Capacity: 8.5 oz (250 ml)
Size: 5.9x3 in (15x7.7 cm)
Material: glass

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