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Vinyl clock "The Simpsons"

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Why it's super-duper
  • a vinyl record looks very stylish as it is;
  • a creative idea for home and office decor;
  • eco-friendly cause it's a recycled product: records already lived one life and now got another one;
  • silent mechanism protects you from annoying ticking.


Vinyl looks very stylish and contrasting, and also evokes pleasant nostalgia.

Why it’s SuperDupers:

  • creative: the clock is made of a vinyl record, and they are very beautiful by their nature;
  • silent mechanism, no "clack-clack" will disturb your nerves;
  • small contribution to the preservation of the planet, in the sense of the using recycle goods;
  • an unusual gift for a person who loves to decorate his home, and for a musician this will also be a surprise.


Material: vinyl record
Mechanism: quartz silent
Vinyl record diameter: 12 inch (30 cm)
Country: Ukraine

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