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Vinyl Clock - A Cup of Tea / Coffee

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Why it's super-duper
  • creative: a wall clock made of a vinyl record, considering that vinyl records are very beautiful as they are;
  • silent clock movement mechanism: no tick-tock will get on your nerves;
  • your little contribution to the green movement – the use of recycled materials;
  • unusual gift to a person who likes decorating their home; also a cool surprise for a musician.

Sometimes morning tea time is our own piece of coziness that we enjoy before going to work. And sometimes we lose the track of time. Decorate your kitchen with this beautiful clock that'll help you to leave the house on time.

Some time ago this clock used to be a vinyl record that span on a record player. Later it became useless and because of it – sad. But that was when it got a second chance to give delight to people. Now this record became a creative clock that adds to the aesthetics of home interior.


Material: vinyl record
Mechanism: silent quartz clock movement
Record diameter: 12 in (30 cm)
Made in Ukraine

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