Original Pillows for a Valentine's Day


How to declare love with a pillow

Подушки на 14 февраля

A pillow is not just a useful and necessary gift in the house, but also a great opportunity to confess your love to your other half and simply bring joy to your soulmate on Valentine's Day. But let's dwell on the first option. How to make a declaration of love with a pillow:

  • buy a pillow in the shape of a heart or with a corresponding inscription;
  • tie it up with a ribbon or pack in a beautiful box;
  • attach a postcard;
  • solemnly give.

Hmmm, it seems we haven't told you anything new or unusual, right? Except the fact that your confession will be written exactly on the pillow. And if it is also in the shape of a heart or with a print of cartoon characters in love, animals or just with funny hearts, the gift will turn out to be very effective. The only drawback of such a surprise is that it is rather bulky: you cannot hide it in a secluded place and unnoticeably put it on a table, purse or somewhere else.

An original gift for an interior and... a soul in love

The creative pillow looks cool in any interior of the bedroom, living room and kitchen. You can even take it with you to the office and have a rest during lunch breaks, remember your second half, who is also busy with important things somewhere.

Our "Super-Dupers" online store has collected all the most original pillows for Valentine's Day:

  • with funny and very sincere phrases about love and happiness;
  • in the form of the famous "Love is..." chewing gum;
  • in the shape of a heart (looks very unusual in the interior);
  • with a funny dinosaur who speaks only dinosaur language;
  • in the form of a kind and fat cat, with whom you can sleep in an embrace.

All pillows are made of durable fabrics (jersey, felt) and filled with elastic filling. Some of them are only made to order, so you need to have 2-3 days in stock until everything is ready.

Well, let's try to please our lovers on Valentine's Day with a pillow softness? Choose a suitable option and order delivery to any city in the USA and Europe.