Romantic Mugs for a Valentine's Day

Thermal mug "Tea"


Thermal mug "Hearts"


Thermal mug "Heart"


Paired mugs "Mr and Mrs"


Paired mugs "Mr and Mrs Lazy"


Paired mugs "Let's have coffee"


Paired  mugs "Mr and Mrs Right"


Mug "Wine is my Valentine"


Mug "I'm hot you're not", black


Mug "Cat hugs"


Mug  "Love is"

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Enamel mug "You have my heart"


Enamel mug "Smiles"


Lovers are just like twins: they divide everything equally and spare nothing for each other. Blanket, shirt, cat, bag of cookies, cup. It's not a pity to share all this if you really love a person. But wait a minute, why share absolutely everything when you can just use the same things? Mugs, for example. The Super-Dupers online store has special pairing mugs for lovers. It is very pleasant to drink tea in the kitchen in the evening and create a romantic atmosphere.

The mug will help you out when February 14th is close

Чашки для влюбленных на 14 февраля

If valentines and plush hearts have appeared in supermarkets, in shop windows, and generally everywhere, it means that Valentine's Day is close and it's time to get ready. Buy gifts, come up with surprises, whip up a festive atmosphere.

If you don't have time to prepare, it's ok. You can always find a simple way out of the situation and buy a creative mug as a gift for your soul mate. And don't think that we are talking about ordinary boring mugs, we don't have such. We're talking about original cups:

  • with funny inscriptions and pictures;
  • in knitted sweaters to keep your hands even warmer;
  • in the form of funny bears in scarves (the set includes a spoon and a cover);
  • with enamel coating (great for picnics and hiking).

And also there are ceramic paired tumblrs. You can pour hot tea, coffee, cocoa in them and go on a picnic or just for a walk in the winter park. The tumblr costs the same as an ordinary mug, but it is more convenient and will keep the drink warm for a long time.

It seems that one mug is not enough...

There is a large selection of different creative mugs for couples in love in our "Super-Dupers" online store. All of them are made of high-quality ceramics (the travel option is made of metal), decorated with author's drawings and carefully collected for you in this section of the catalog.

If you think that one mug is not enough for February 14th, give two at once. That's not enough too? Then buy or compose a set of our creative things. Wrap everything in a nice box or wrapping paper, hug your loved one gently and give a present.

We deliver orders “in love” to all US cities and Europe by fast delivery and within 2 weeksa... We don't use Cupids' services: although they fly, the delivery service will bring the gift faster.