Creative Valentine's Day Gifts

Phalanx ring "2 lines"


Hot coasters "Cat about love"


Wallet mini  "Penguin"


Tray with pillow "Hearts"


Tray with handles "Om-nom-nom"


Tray with handles "Love you"


Tray with a pillow "Titmouse"


Tray with a pillow "Pug"


Tray with a pillow "Peony"


Tray with a pillow "Mr. Cat"


Oh, lucky one!

If you are one of those who have someone to spend Valentine's Day with, congratulations. And if not, then don't be discouraged, because it is also: “...a holiday that greeting card companies have invented to make people feel lousy” (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”). A minor note sounded to capture the audience wider. And maybe not minor, you cannot say for sure what is good and what is bad. Loneliness is ok if you feel good and comfortable alone. But now we are talking about something else (we just do not want to judge things one-sidedly).

Gift for February 14th: platitudes don't belong here

Шоколадный набор Для тебя с любовьюValentine's Day is often associated with couples in love, who buy each other gifts (often tasteless and banal) only once a year by "obligation". But not everyone is the same. We are clearly not like that here. And if you are nauseated by pink Chinese bears too, welcome to our cozy gift catalog for February 14th. So that you do not have to rummage through the mountains of everything in search of something worthwhile, we have already done everything. We have selected products:

  • high-quality (well, really, we don't want to live under the onslaught of conscience later);
  • unusual (we are not interested in anything else);
  • from which we ourselves get high;
  • and which we would be happy to give or even receive as a gift by ourselves.

The main gift is emotion

Here you can choose both: the main gift for Valentine's Day and a creative addition to it. And as a final touch - gift wrapping! We know that about 1/7 of our customers choose from us only an addition to the main gift. And this is ok, we react to it normally. And by the way, it happens that a sentimental thing from our store becomes the highlight of a gift and brings more joy than an expensive gift. It's cool. Two examples: a chocolate set "I love it when we are together" or a postcard made of wood "One height" are created with a soul and have a very strong emotional component. This explains their popularity. People recognize themselves in these characters, look at them with interest and smile. Yes, we are all different, we have different relationship histories, but in happiness we are all the same.

Your loved one is not interested in the price of the gift (and if he/she is, run!). An ideal gift for February 14th is generally a gift that you made with your own hands or supplemented it by yourself. Have you bought a photo frame? - Print and paste a couple of photos into it. Have you chosen a cute postcard? - Sign it, tell about pleasant shared memories, write something that you don't say out loud (well, after all, it's often easier to express thoughts in writing). The postcard itself is great for personalizing the gift. Even if you did not make a gift by yourself from a to z, you put your unique meaning into it.

Handmade gifts are amazing

We treat handmade gifts with special trembling. Of course, they are more expensive than replicated products, but this is an art, not the result of a soulless assembly line. Therefore, we are happy to cooperate with craftsmen, who create amazing things (jewelry, toys, pillows, candleholders, and more). The coolness of these things is in their uniqueness, energy, quality, and by buying them, you support local producers. We have many partners not only in Kiev but all over the world.

Love [appreciate, trust, give joy, respect] each other. Love to everyone and gifts from