Valentine’s Day gifts

Woof Bowl


Vinyl Clock - It's Time For


Raccoon Plate


Pug-dog Plate


Poster - You Are My Type


Poster - Together


Poster - Love Is In The Air


Poster - Love


Lucky you

If you’re one of those who have that special someone to share Valentine’s Day with, congrats! If not, don’t worry, this day isn’t such a big deal: “a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap” (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). We played a minor note here to reach a wider audience. Well, maybe not a minor one, you can’t say for sure what’s good and what’s bad. Solitude is fine if you’re comfortable alone. But we’re talking about something different now (just didn’t want to appear prejudiced about things).

No banality here

Valentine’s Day is often associated with couples in love that once a year buy presents for each other because they have to. And usually the presents are utterly tasteless and commonplace. But not everyone is like this. We’re totally different here, right? If you’re sick and tired of pink Chinese teddy bears, welcome to our cozy catalog of Valentine’s Day gifts. You don’t need to rummage in piles of useless stuff looking for something worthy; we did everything for you. We picked presents that are:

  • high-quality (really, we don’t want to live under the burden of self-reproach);
  • unusual (we’re not interested in the rest);
  • appealing to us;
  • pleasure to give and even more so to receive.

The best present is emotion

Here you’ll find both the main gift and a creative complement to it. And a gift wrap too as a final touch. We know that some of you came here just to get the complement to the main gift. And it’s totally fine. By the way, sometimes a touchy-feely trifle from our shop becomes the cherry on the cake and brings more joy that the expensive present. It’s cool. For example, a set of chocolates with romantic pics and notes or a wooden greeting card. They’re made with love and filled with emotions, and that makes them so popular. People can relate to the images, examine them carefully and smile. Yes, we’re all different, we have different love stories, but when it comes to happiness, we’re all the same.

Your loved one isn’t interested in the price of the gift (if they are, run away!). An ideal present is actually something that you made with your hands or complemented by yourself. Bought a photo frame? – Print out some pics and insert them there. Chose a cute greeting card? – Sign it, tell about pleasant memories together, write something that you can’t say out loud (well, it’s often easier to put your thoughts down on paper). A greeting card per se is already a great way to personalize your gift. Yeah, you didn’t make all the gift by yourself, but you put your heart into it.

Hand-made gifts are wonderful

We have a soft spot for hand-made things. Of course they’re more expensive than mass-produced items, but it’s art, not the result of a heartless conveyor belt. That’s why we’re so glad to cooperate with craftspeople who create wonderful things (accessories, toys, cushions, candle holders and so on). These things are cool because they’re unique, high-quality and filled with energy.