Creative Housewarming Gifts


Moving to your own house or apartment is troublesome, but incredibly joyful. There is nothing more pleasant than the feeling of your home, which can be made the way you want it. No more rental apartments with strange owners' rules - you can hammer nails into any walls, hang a chandelier you like for a long time and have any pet - a kitten or an iguana, doesn't matter. Of course, it's nice to celebrate such a joyful event with friends. If you are invited to a housewarming party, Super-Dupers will be happy to help you to find a gift for happy home owners - useful, cute or funny.

What housewarming gift should you give?

Подарок на новоселье - Интернет-магазин СуперПуперс

It is clear that nowadays no one would think of dragging bed linen or a coffee service to the newly-made apartment owners - the times of scarcity are long gone, and the guys will buy everything they need for themselves, according to their taste. Housewarming is also not the case when you need to embarrass the owners with unnecessarily expensive gifts. But stylish and unusual decor elements will come in handy. The main thing is to choose something universal that could fit well into the design of any room and still bring some benefit. It can be:

  • cool and unusual cups and plates (and we are  not talking about the assortment of supermarkets!);
  • posters and wooden inscriptions with motivation and just kind words;
  • very unusual hangers-masks (you can surprise guests with them right from the hallway);
  • futuristic 3D lamps - very, very unusual!

And if you do not want just present something to new owners, but also leave an individual memory of yourself, you can order a product with a personal design. For example, make your wish in the form of an inscription on a cutting board.

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