Birthday Postcards


Have you noticed that the postcard becomes relevant again today? Just a couple of years ago, everyone had a stir from newfangled messengers, where it took a couple of minutes to write a greeting postcard with attaching a beautiful picture of flower to it. And against the background of this, the postcard was unjustly forgotten. But now it has become important again to give paper greeting postcards, write congratulations on them by hand, and even send them by mail to other countries (fashionable type of exchange of postcards with foreign friends or even with strangers nowadays, which calls postcrossing).

Happy birthday postcards as a way to show your attention

In most cases, the postcard is an addition to the main gift and plays an important role as a sign of attention. But it also happens the other way around. Imagine a situation: your friend on the birthday for various reasons does not want to celebrate his/her holiday (maybe because of a lack of funds for the celebration or a lot of work). And in order not to put the birthday person in an awkward position with an expensive gift, you can just unexpectedly come to visit him/her with a beautiful postcard, balloons and a party cap on your head. And we give a guarantee, it will be no less impressive and pleasant than if you gave a million dollars and an airplane.

Moreover, the postcards are different and have different meanings. They are:

• beautiful greeting postcards;
• laconic mini-postcards;
• envelopes for money;
• cool coloring postcards.

A postcard is, one might say, a work of art by many graphic designers and artists. Nowadays, these stylish cards look very bright and festively elegant. In Super-Dupers you can find a number of not boring postcards with watercolor flowers, cute cats, watermelons, motivational or funny inscriptions.

Mini-postcards can be described like this: "A small card for great joy". This is where size doesn't matter. Only the size of your attention matters.

Some people consider envelopes for money as bad taste, arguing that they have a subtext: "Sorry, but I did not have time to choose a gift for you, so keep the envelope with the money and buy something by yourself". But it seems to us that there is another side of the coin. Why not rephrase it this way: "I know what exactly you wanted for your birthday, and I know that this amount was not enough for you, indulge yourself with the right thing."

Coloring postcards can be presented to a schoolchild, preschooler or just a creative person, we are sure he/she will appreciate such a creative little thing.

Postcards for the holidays and without any reason

It is very cool that we began to give more paper postcards on holidays to people who are dear to us. But sometimes you really want something unusual, cute and warm on the most ordinary weekday. Indeed, in fact, the holiday is every day. The first sun, the first snow, the first bell, the first time kissed - you can associate a small unobtrusive card with everything to make this day even warmer.

Funny and cool postcards from Super-Dupers are ready to please their new owner. Rather, look for your lucky card and smile with us.