Creative Birthday Gift Sets


Where did gift sets begin?

Подарочный набор Без лишних слов

Customers often turn to us with a request to help them to choose a gift. Sometimes they chose some cool sets from different products by themselves, and we often noticed that “these things are great for each other”. And at one point we thought, why we don't sell ready-made sets? The process of creating a new set is a very exciting activity in which the whole team takes part.


What's in the gift set?

We complete sets with thematic products that complement each other, adhering to the chosen concept. We put all this in a minimalistic craft box with hay and tie it with twine, sometimes adding a thematic tag. Simple and tasteful.

When we are creating sets, we try to make the final result meet the following requirements:

  • at least 1 product should be useful (practical) and at least 1 - just cool, emotional;
  • a suitable postcard;
  •  affordable price;
  • we must really like it by ourselves, huh.

It's important to know! Since we make these sets ourselves, it will not be difficult for us to change some components or even assemble your own set if you want. Therefore, do not be afraid, contact us, we will think of something.

You may not be in time

We are constantly updating the assortment of sets and keep the most popular ones if possible. Some goods are discontinued, in turn, some new ones appear. We try to create gift sets for every holiday. We have: holiday sets (for the New Year, for the Anniversary, for February 14), a set for mom, sets for a loved one. We try not to divide everything into "male" and "female", we value the human right to individuality and do not divide people into "pink" and "blue".

We will deliver your parcel in the best possible way to any corner of the USA and Europe.