Creative Birthday Gifts

Enamel mug "Heart"


Phalanx ring "2 lines"


Mug "Memoboard", 2 crayons


Enamel mug «My city»


Vinyl Clock - Travel


Deep plate "Violet"


Belt "Wanderer"


Кошелек "Girl power"


Time to think it over

Мотивирующий постер Stop dreaming start doingBirthday is a personal New Year for each person. This is a reflection on everything that has happened in the past year, resetting the counter to zero before starting another year of life. Every year gives us a new experience. We are improving. We lose something, and gain something. We are finally convinced of one thing, but at the expense of the other we radically change our opinion. We draw closer to some people and move away from others. We feel lonely, we feel needed. We do things that make the world a better place and do something that we would like to keep in the past year. And we can think about all this in our Birthday and share it with our loved ones. Birthday is a day of pleasant surprises. People with whom you rarely communicate for some reason, call you on this day and you hear their voice (or read a message), smile and understand how dear they are for you.


Birthday gifts

Birthday gifts are just a thrill. Before getting into our store, you probably already asked the birthday boy/girl what he/she wants, and with a probability of 80% his/her answer was: "Oh, I don't even know." And it's true, he/she really doesn't know. Remember how many times you did not know the answer to this question. And rightly so. The gift should be unexpected, because it is the coolest way to get it. We have collected products in this category that will simply become the kings of all gifts:

  • practical: original backpacks, creative notebooks and notepads;
  • cool: cups, plates, socks;
  • stylish: watches, wallets, jewelry;
  • unusual: mask hangers, magnetic boards;
  • comfortable: stands for smartphones / tablets, bean bags, neck pillows;
  • everyday: bookmarks for books, breakfast and laptop trays ;
  • not for every day: books-safes and boxes, candleholders;
  • cute: animal pillows, heating toys, sleep masks;
  • fascinating: constructors and 3D puzzles.
  • well, in general, it's true a lot.

You just have to choose what you like (well, the birthday boy/girl too).

Oh, these people "who has everything"

What is the best gift, we do not know. Well, we don't know who exactly you are choosing a gift for. Here the captain obvious suggests that it all depends on the interests and character of the person (and also on the price on which you are targeting). Quite often we are asked what to buy a person who has everything. Give him hugs if he has everything. If hugs are already included in the basic kit, then we have gifts that boring people call useless.

But it is not, disagrees! If a person has everything he needs, then the gift should open up new horizons, give new emotions and push to new experiences. For example, a scratch poster "100 Big and Very Big Deeds." This poster will make life brighter, a person will no longer ask the question "What to do?" with it. The poster challenges you, sets interesting tasks, after completing which, they need to be erased with a coin. Another very exciting novelty: mechanical puzzles, collecting which you get a tractor, tram, theater and more. The process captivates both: adults and children.

By the way, almost all of our favorite goods are made in Ukraine :) And we can deliver them to any corner of the USA and Europe. Order now and in 2 weeks - you will already have a gift!