Birth of a child gifts

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When your friends or relatives just had a kid, you want to congratulate the newly minted parents on this significant date and give them something truly original. Nowadays there’s no need to present kewpies or crawlers; Super-Dupers has a wide range of gifts for this occasion.

Here you’ll find a present that is memorable and handy at the same time.

Artistic gift for a newborn

Taking about a gift for a kid, anyway we imply a gift for the parents. Although some presents children will be able to appreciate themselves when they grow up. Among these are presents to record the first days and months of the newborn’s life. Photo frames in the creative style, albums, Moleskine notebooks to keep notes about the little one. Infant bodysuits with funny sayings and prints remain popular as well. You can give something large-scale and exclusive too, for example a hammock for the baby. One more fresh gift idea is a hand casting kit to create an everlasting memory.

Using such a kit, any person far from plastic arts can make a cast of their own hand. Infant kits usually let you create an impression of baby’s hand and foot, or baby’s hand in mother’s hand. That’s how you do it:

  • put the hand in the modeling gel;
  • after removing the hand, fill the mold with plaster;
  • take the ready cast or casts and put them in the spot you like (could be near a frame with the baby’s pic).

These casts of tiny hands and feet are probably the most touching memory of the baby’s first days of life.