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When children appear in a family of friends and acquaintances, you really want to congratulate the newly-made parents on this significant event and present something truly original. Today, it is not at all necessary to give pop-eyed dolls and sliders: the assortment of gifts on the occasion of the birth of a child in the Super-Dupers online store is very wide. Of course, you can always give just money or a certificate to a kids' store, but let's leave it as a last option: such a gift will definitely come in handy, but it will hardly remain in memory.

Creative gift for a newborn

Творческий подарок новорожденному - Интернет-магазин СуперПуперс

Speaking about a gift for a child, we mean gift for parents anyway. But some gifts the child will be able to appreciate when he grows up. It can be some gifts for perpetuating the first days and months of a baby's life. Creative photo frames, albums, Moleskine notebooks for taking notes about baby life. Bodysuits with funny inscriptions and prints were and will be popular. You can also give something large and exclusive - for example, a children's hammock for a baby. One of the most unusual gift ideas for a baby is kits for making prints from baby's arms and legs.

With the help of such a set, any person far from the sculptural craft can make a cast of the hand. Children's kits usually involve the ability to capture in gypsum the arm and leg of the baby or his arm in the mother's hand. For this you just need to follow next steps:

  • the hand is immersed in the modeling gel;
  • after removing the hand, the form is filled with gypsum;
  • the finished cast or casts are taken out and placed in any convenient place (for example, next to the frame and the baby's photo).

These miniature casts of tiny arms and legs are perhaps the most touching memory of the first days of a child's life.

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In our online store, you can pick up a present on the occasion of any significant event in the life of your family and friends. It could be symbolic little things or really valuable gifts that you can buy with mail delivery around the world. Gifts are attention, and attention is the most important thing in relationships between people.