Amazing Wedding Gifts

Tray with a pillow "Peony"


Poster "Together"


Poster "Love!"


Paired mugs "Mr and Mrs"


Paired  mugs "Mr and Mrs Right"


Hot coasters "We are family"


Fridge magnetic board "Heart"


Many gifts, but yours is the special one

Персонализированные часы из винилаA wedding is very great. A fun extravagant and at the same time touching holiday. A lot of different people are in one place. Many people - many gifts. We will help you to choose a cool gift that can really surprise and delight the newlyweds in the future.


Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are especially cool for a wedding. If you prepare in advance and take it seriously, then obviously this couple is special for you and it is important for you to make an appropriate gift for them. A personalized gift is:

  • uniqueness (such a gift will be in a single copy and only for them);
  • quality (when a product is made to order, this means a special approach);
  • creativity (we don't offer anything else).


There are several types of personalized gifts on

  • vinyl clock;
  • breakfast tray in bed (fits for laptop also);
  • decorative pillows;
  • posters, etc.

You can order a vinyl wall clock with the wedding date and the names of the bride and groom. This is a symbolic gift that they will look at every day. A vinyl clock is a very stylish decor element.

A breakfast tray is, first of all, a useful and romantic gift for the newlyweds, and if you print your design on its surface especially for a couple, then it will not have a price at all (emotionally, but in general it has a price of course). The tray stands on the feet and on the bed thanks to the bottom filing (filling: foam balls). It is also very convenient to use it for a laptop.

Haven't you ordered yet? Then choose, order the best wedding gifts in the world, and we will deliver them to you to any city in the world! :)