Cozy Blankets for a New Year

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"Blanket is a large shawl made of dense and fluffy woolen cloth, used as a cover." - There is such a dry description in the Google dictionary. The Super-Dupers team friendly expressed "Ugh" and came up with our own cool definition for this wonderful thing:

Blanket is your lifeline from October to May. Saves from cold, sudden runny nose, blues and sharp claws of a cat who came to warm up.

And also blanket is the best gift for the New Year

Пледы на Новый год

Cozy blankets for the New Year holidays are sold out instantly and given to everyone:

  • parents;
  • friends;
  • work colleagues;
  • second half;
  • grandparents;
  • and your beloved (oops) yourself, of course.

Such a gift in a beautiful box looks voluminous, mysterious and promising - it immediately arouses interest and a lot of curiosity. It will especially appeal to those who value comfort, coziness and love to decorate their home with all sorts of interesting interior pieces.


Blankets for the New Year with original patterns

In Super-Dupers online store there are blankets with original drawings:

  • pattern with optical illusion;
  • laconic black and white stripes;
  • classic squared, zigzags and other simpler patterns.

There are also a lot of colors. There are red, yellow, gray, white and even two-tone blankets. They are all very soft, dense and durable. Made from pure cotton or natural wool-cotton blend. Woolen blankets are more expensive than cotton blankets, but they are warmer and denser than usual.

We carefully fold the blankets and pack them in a large black box with a comfortable handle. No more additional decorative elements are required - the gift will look solid and interesting anyway.

For those who like to wrap all body in a blanket, we have blankets with sleeves. You can stick your hands in it and use a laptop, tablet or read a book without any problems.

Choose and order your warmest friend, and we will deliver it to any city in Europe and USA in 2 weeks.

We wish you to celebrate the New Year in full blanket readiness!