New Year Postcards


Why do you need paper postcards when you can congratulate with a couple of emoji on Facebook much faster? There is no need to pick, sign or decorate anything. Yes, this is true, but we here, at Super-Dupers, have always been hopeless romantics and we deeply believe in the power of the printed word. After all, only real postcards can be touched with hands, sniffed and saved in some cherished box.

Creative New Year postcards - let's revive this tradition

Новогодние открытки

It only takes a couple of minutes to sign a paper postcard, but the joy from it lasts much longer, plus - it perfectly complements the main surprise:

  • it is immediately clear that the one, who wanted to congratulate you on the holiday, really tried to make you feel good;
  • increases the price of the gift: even a pen with a notebook looks original;
  • masks the simplicity of a money as a gift;
  • helps to subtly remind that the New Year is just wonderful.

And if you are planning to arrange a New Year's Eve quest like "Find a surprise according to the prompts" for your child or soulmate, postcards will help you arrange all of this in cool and interesting way.

Let's dream together with the Super-Dupers online store

"Super-Dupers" is a store of creative gifts, so our postcards are all creative too:

  • made of wood and very flexible;
  • with cozy watercolors;
  • with a set of stickers and a craft envelope;
  • scratch sets (you erase the protective layer and read the wish);
  • cool envelopes for money with a small postcard inside;
  • universal - for all holidays.

And if you do postcrossing, you will definitely like our assortment! Choose, sign and ship to any country with warm wishes. Bingo!

All postcards in the catalog are design, original and not repeated. It is the same as if you do them by yourself. You can add them to one of the New Year's gift sets - it's gonna be great.

Choose gifts, packaging for them and lots of wishes, and in 2 weeks we will deliver all this to you throughout Europe and the USA.