New Year Garlands

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New Year is a holiday full of bright accents: sparklers, candles, backlit toys. But the main thing in this atmosphere of light and warmth, of course, is a beautiful garland.

LED garland: beautiful and safe

A battery-powered garland is just a godsend for handmakers and those, who like to decorate their home or office in an original way. Firstly, it gives 100 500 times more variations for decoration than a garland from the network.

Indoors, you can:

  • decorate the door;
  • window;
  • put on the fireplace;
  • wrap the head of the bed or bedside table;
  • put it in a champagne bottle and make a lamp;
  • wrap around the perimeter of the mirror;
  • attach to the ceiling with double-sided tape;
  • wrap curtain rods;
  • of course, hang on the Christmas tree as an eternal symbol of the New Year;
  • and a lot of other things (for which you have enough imagination).


In addition, the LED garland has a ton of advantages over traditional lamp decorations.

  • economy - such a garland consumes much less electricity and allows you to save a lot on sedatives (after all, after seeing the electricity bills that the lamp garlands will wind up, you will definitely need them);
  • safety - bulbs practically do not heat up, which reduces the chances of a sudden "fire show" to a minimum;
  • strength - LED garlands are much stronger than their lamp relatives and it is difficult to damage LEDs;
  • durability - with proper operation, such lights can serve you from 20 thousand to 100 thousand hours.

Light up with the Super-Dupers

Super-Dupers online store always makes sure that your holidays are filled with the coolest gifts, decorations, and emotions. And especially such a warm and sincere holiday as New Year. Therefore, we have collected for you a series of cute and cool LED garlands:

  • garland "Red stars" - beautiful stars with their soft glow will help to make a fairy tale right in your apartment;
  • garland "Fairy" - this LED beauty with yellow stars will add a piece of kindness and warmth to the Christmas bustle;
  • garland "Dino" - even if your little one is afraid of the dark - it doesn't matter, brave dinosaurs will light up their little friend's room all night;
  • garland "Fawn" - cute fawn are loyally waiting for their new owners;
  • garland "Rocket" - if you really want you can fly into space, so do not be afraid - make your wildest wishes on New Year's Eve, and the rockets will deliver them directly to the address;
  • garland "Unicorns" - these cute unicorns will make your baby's nursery the cutest and most stylish in the world.

You can buy New Year's LED garlands all year round in the Super-Dupers online store. All orders are beautifully packaged and delivered to all cities of the USA and Europe.