New Year Figurines

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New Year illumination

The times, when only a Christmas tree was decorated on New Year and Christmas holidays, remained in the last century. With such a variety of Christmas decorations on the market, it will be just a violation of the Christmas Codex if you do not worry about decorating your entire house.

If you need to decorate an apartment or office in a festive way - New Year figurines help. These are decorative elements or whole compositions with Led-backlighting. They can be small and fit as an addition to the basic concept of the decor, or they can be an independent structure that proudly takes the place near the Christmas tree.

Eternal sunshine of the Christmas mind

When bright lights flicker from all the windows in the neighborhood, it means only one thing - the New Year is coming. Every home wants to be filled with soft light and give warmth to all residents. And the LED figurines do a great job with the function of the New Year's luminary.

A glowing deer, a graceful star, and even a modest Christmas tree will have a stunning effect on all members and guests of the house. Christmas figurines can be not only a source of New Year's light, they also can be used in other ways:

  • as a night light in the nursery (and in the "adult" room, by the way, too, some thirty-year-old aunts are also afraid to sleep without light);
  • build a photo zone for the coolest Christmas photos;
  • to create a winter fairy tale and a festive atmosphere for the New Year;
  • as a stylish decor that brings something special to any interior;
  • and also in order to cause many enthusiastic glances from neighbors and relatives after they see your New Year's abode.

Super-Dupers on guard of the New Year's mood

In the Super-Dupers online store you can buy not only Christmas LED figurines, but also other New Year decorations (candleholders, candles, garlands), as well as a whole mountain of gifts (fur mittens, New Year's style mugs and plates).

We all know what the New Year's bustle is. When there is a fierce steam at work and you don't even think about what and to whom to give, you just want to get your feet into the warm bed quickly. That is why we suggest you to prepare in advance for this event: make a list of "gifted" people, to whom and which gift you would like to present, in what style this year you want to decorate your house and what is missing for this. And of course, Super-Dupers made sure to collect both: decorations and gifts (and planners for making lists and writing down ideas) in one place.

Price, of course, also plays an important role. And in our store you will find the thing you need for any wallet.

All Christmas figurines in beautiful packaging are sent to you as soon as possible.