Cozy New Year Сandleholders

Candleholder "Winter Lights"


Candleholder "Merry Christmas"


Candleholder "Jingle Bells"


Candleholder "Cups"


Candleholder "Christmas Time"


Candleholder "Christmas cookies"
Candle "Make a wish", pink


The candle is a special New Year's attribute. It symbolizes the hearth and light, envelops the home with a kind of mystical and mysterious atmosphere. And, of course, it wants special attention to itself, or rather a creative "house". So it will not stand alone on the windowsill, but proudly gives the warmth to all household members on the festive table.

Christmas candleholdrers - beautiful "houses" for candles

A Christmas candleholder as a New Year decoration is definitely very good. But it also has practical applications in everyday life. What to do if electricity is suddenly cut off in the whole house? What you shouldn't do for sure is getting upset. After all, you have candles! If they stand in a fabulous candleholder in the most conspicuous place, you will not have to struggle for a long time in search of a star. In addition, they will not only be a source of light, but also a catalyst for emotional conversations and memories in a romantic atmpsphere.

A candle is a universal thing, it can be used not only during the Christmas holidays, but also on ordinary weekdays. With candles you can:

  • bring something special to any interior, make it complete;
  • arrange them in the bathroom in order to relax! and relieve fatigue after a hard working day;
  • meditate, free yourself from oppressive thoughts;
  • create an intimate atmosphere for a romantic meeting.

It is important to choose your candles and candleholders wisely. If we take, for example, a one-room apartment with old repair, then a gilded wall candleholder in such an entourage looks out of place. But in a modern designed apartment, such an interior thing looks very useful.

And candleholders from Super-Dupers...

…do not oblige to anything! These cute little things will "take root" anywhere: in a student's dorm or in luxury apartments. So we have:

  • candleholders - Christmas wreaths. A great addition to the festive table, where the whole family gathers. How cool it is to recall childhood, funny moments, tell fascinating stories in the soft light of candles;
  • scented candles in a candleholder. Ooh-la-la, it's just a godsend for those, who like to light candles in order to relieve fatigue and enjoy the breathtaking smell. And believe me, it is. The smell of candles "Make a wish" is truly crazy. And in addition to the aromas of fir branches, they create a real New Year's ensemble;
  • candleholders - canned food. Just look at this adorable family of bunnies on the canning jar. They just ask for the warm hands of their new owner;
  • candleholders - buckets. This modern decor element will perfectly fit into the interior not only for New Year or Christmas, but also for Halloween or a theme party;
  • candleholders - houses. Well, not regular houses, it is whole palaces to be honest. It is not a shame to give such a house to both: a friend and a boss.
  • wooden candleholders. As you know, we are for the widespread introduction of eco-friendly things into everyday life. Therefore, we are very proud that our assortment includes Christmas candleholders made from natural materials. Moreover, they look incredibly cozy and so festive.

You can buy New Year and Christmas candleholders in the Super-Dupers online store. We deliver all gifts to all cities in the USA and Europe in 2 weeks.