Magic New Year Decoration

Candleholder "Winter Lights"


Candleholder "Merry Christmas"


Candleholder "Jingle Bells"


Candleholder "Cups"


Candleholder "Christmas Time"


Candleholder "Christmas cookies"
Candle "Make a wish", pink


Magic doesn't need a specific time or reason. And this means that a beautiful decoration for the holidays will be appropriate everywhere and always, because it is incredibly pleasant to enter a room where a miracle has settled quietly and confidently.

Festive decor: commandments from designers

Праздничный декор -

When New Year / Birthday / Valentine's Day / wedding / ordinary day (underline the necessary!), which you want to make unusual is coming - tips on creating an original and stylish festive decor will come in handy:

  • do not overdo it - the decorations should be in moderation, then the room will look organic;
  • do not mix many styles - the festive decor, sustained in one style, will probably never lose its relevance;
  • do not miss the opportunity to add a little magic - the easiest way to do this is to decorate the room with magic lights of garlands, bulbs, candles;
  • do not decorate in a bad mood - after all, in the interior you will definitely leave a piece of yourself, that's why do decorating with a smile.

And to get an additional charge of inspiration, look at beautiful photos, order cute things and think in advance how the festive interior of your dreams will look like.

Everything to decorate the holiday: top 5 irreplaceable things

There are things with which the holiday gets a power of magic, originality and creativity. Here are some of these things:

  • unusual garlands - any holiday will literally be lit up with bright lights if you add a little light, for example, with the help of a cool garland in the form of large stars;
  • a set for creating a snow globe - it turns out that the same magic ball from childhood can be made with your own hands, and then a special festive mood will definitely appear, and what time of year is outside the window is already the second question;
  • wooden decorative toys - they will look charming on the Christmas tree, on the wall, on the table and anywhere else;
  • decorative hearts are the perfect way to create a special atmosphere, especially for lovers.

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