Creative Mugs for a New Year

Enamel mug «My city»


Mug "Winter"


Mug "I'm hot you're not", black


Mug "Foxy"


Mug "Believe in miracles"


Mug "Baby"


Enamel mug  "Christmas kisses"


Cup «My city»


Cup «Favorite city»


 Mug in a sweater "Heart"


 Mug in a sweater "Fox"


 Mug in a sweater "Deer"


Anyone who considers a mug to be the most commonplace gift in the world has simply not seen really cool mugs, from which you want to drink tea, coffee, cocoa, mulled wine, and in general everything. And no services are needed.

A New Year's mug is more than just dishes

Новогодние чашки

It doesn't take much to surprise someone close to you. Sometimes a simple mug is enough. But it is better not quite simple, but with different interesting things, such as:

  • warm knitted sweater - hands do not freeze and tea cools more slowly;
  • a helmet of Darth Vader instead of a cover (giant volume - 600 ml);
  • cool inscriptions and drawings;
  • chalk, so that you can change the design of the mug every day;
  • a pencil on a suction cup and a sponge - for those who like to plan everything;
  • silicone non-spill cover;
  • automatic stirring function (there is a propeller on the bottom);
  • cute covers and spoons in the set;
  • heat-sensitive patterns - appear when heated.

If it seems that one mug is not enough, give a whole set. It includes 4 mugs with different patterns and a metal holder so that they can be stored compactly in one place.

Mugs for the New Year as a gift

What is good about the New Year mug is that it can be given to people of a wide variety of talents, professions and preferences:

  • for artists - cups with chalk and watercolors;
  • travelers - with images of cities and sights;
  • office colleagues - with a pencil on a suction cup or a cover;
  • for a loved one - a tumblr with walls that retain heat;
  • animal lover - with the image of cats and dogs;
  • for those who often go to the mountains and hiking - something enameled.

There are a lot of options, besides, our "Super-Dupers" online store constantly updates the catalog, especially on the eve of the holidays.

And you can also pick up the original packaging (we will pack it ourselves), a postcard and the most cheerful smile you have.

We deliver gifts to all cities in the USA and Europe in 2 weeks.