Corporate New Year Gifts

Teapot "Mister Tea"

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Candleholder "Cups"


Candleholder "Christmas cookies"

New Year is the most useful holiday. You can not only eat tangerines and homemade salads, but also establish stable and strong relationships with business partners and work colleagues. How? It's very simple: pick up original and necessary gifts for them, such gifts, that will be definitely memorable (on the good side, of course).

New Year's business-gift is a delicate thing

Корпоративные подарки на Новый год

You need to be careful while choosing New Year's business-gifts. For example, did you know that the Japanese should never be given things with the company's logo as a gift - this is perceived as cheap PR. And for partners from Italy - brooches and headscarves, as these things are associated with mourning.

But for now we will omit the subtleties of gifting clients from abroad and focus on ours, domestic. To hit the bull's eye with your business souvenir, divide your corporate audience into groups:

  • serious partners - your business success depends on them;
  • clients - regular and verified;
  • colleagues;

Give something solid and expensive for the price: an original designer watch made from a vinyl record, a wallet, a travel case, a beautiful leather cardholder, a business card holder. The main thing is to choose something valuable, solid and useful.

Unusual wallets, key cases, clutches, stylish diaries and other small usefulness.

And for employees you can give thermal mugs and lunch boxes, funny mugs and plates, passport covers and motivational posters on the wall.

Do not forget to pack your gift beautifully and attach a postcard with wishes to it - without this, the present will not look so interesting.

Corporate New Year gifts from Super-Dupers

You can buy creative, solid and interesting souvenirs for business partners, colleagues and clients in the Super-Dupers online store. We have a large selection of various interesting gifts, including handmade and Ukrainian souvenirs.

You can buy several options of gifts at once, order their packaging and delivery to any city in Europe and the USA.

P. S. By the way, you shouldn't give green hats to your Chinese partners (a symbol of a cuckold), but fortunately we don't have them :)