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Glass "Byzantium", emerald

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Why it's super-duper
  • a beautiful thing that will be a highlight for your instagram;
  • perfect addition to your kitchen decor;
  • helps to drink fun and pretty;
  • quality material;
  • the best gift for loved ones and friends, which will never be superfluous.


Colored glass goblet with a retro-style embossed surface – nostalgia in its purest form: beautiful and... refined (this word is a rarity in our dictionary, but in this case it is very appropriate). And also it's memories of a carefree childhood, fun family gatherings and delicious juice (when on the occasion of the holiday we were allowed to drink from beautiful glass).

Red cranberry juice in a rich emerald glass shade will not look quite perfect, but bubbles with white brut are what you need to create the perfect festive atmosphere.

What's SuperDupers:

  • rich emerald color – will decorate your china bufet, festive table and the drink itself;
  • durable thickened glass – risks of being broken decrease markedly;
  • elongated shape – so that the bubbles rise beautifully up the glass;
  • a stable leg is an extremely important characteristic, you can't argue with that.


Volume: 5.07 oz (150 ml)
Dimensions: 7.87x2.36 inch (20x6 cm)
Materials: glass

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