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Crunch Bowl

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Why it's super-duper
  • there’s a world of difference between a crunchy and non-crunchy dinner, that’s proven!
  • help yourself – the paints are safe (and tasteless too);
  • super-size: perfect for soup or extra portions;
  • the print will look as good as new for at least 20 years;
  • microwave safe.

A cute bowl accounts for half the enjoyment from your tasty dinner. And when the bowl’s deep, it lets you have even more treats.

People who like to crunch will appreciate our CRUNCHy bowl (we hope that you won’t let your hamster use it; it’s so large the poor animal would make a pig of itself).


Material: ceramic
Capacity: 27 oz
Height: 3.15 in
Diameter of the upper part: 5.79 in
Thickness: 0.31 in
Diameter of the lower part: 3.35 in
Print application technique: decalcomania
Using a dishwasher is not recommended!
Made in Ukraine

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