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Champagne Glass “Verona”, Burgundy

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Why it's super-duper
  • saturated color – it’ll brighten up your shelf, festive table and the beverage itself;
  • durable thickened glass – the odds of breaking it are much lower;
  • prolonged shape – to let the bubbles rise elegantly up the glass;
  • stable foot is an essential feature too, there’s no denying it.

A champagne glass made of colored glass with a relief surface in the retro style is nostalgia, pure and simple. It’s beautiful and... exquisite (this word doesn’t often appear in our vocabulary, but in this case it’s a perfect match). The glass brings back your sweet childhood memories.

This glass with some delicious drink in it is all you need to create an ideal festive atmosphere.


Capacity: 5.1 oz (150 ml)
Size: 7.9x2.4 in (20x6 cm)
Material: glass

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