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Each girl is unique and beautiful. And each has its own individual scent. And to highlight  this special charm, perfume is best way. All girls choose perfumes in different ways: some have been using the same ones for many years, others like to experiment with scents, while others have more than 3 fragrances for different occasions (which is the most smart option, according to experts in perfumery).

But there are those who have not decided on their perfume yet. We hope our tips will help you to choose the most suitable scent right now.

How not to get lost in the variety of scents

When choosing a perfume, you need to pay attention to several aspects:

  • age;
  • hair color;
  • seasonality;
  • character.

1. Age

Fresh, spring, fruity and even confectionery aromas are perfect for young girls. When you're 20 and go to a party, you can allow yourself to "smell" like cinnamon rolls. 

The older a woman is, the more intense and deep smell is needed to emphasize her status.

2. Hair color

Perfumers believe blondes are best suited for fresh, light, fruity scents of mango, tangerine, pear, bergamot, and apple.

For brunettes: oriental, chypre, spicy aromas. These scents are more persistent, some may have bitter notes or woody shades.

For redheads, floral, citrus scents with pronounced oriental notes of musk and sandalwood will be appropriate.

It is better for brown-haired women to make their choice in favor of light floral aromas of violets, lilies, jasmine.

3. Seasonality

During summertime it's best not to overload your skin with saturated, heavy odors. Sea, fruit, fresh scents with notes of watermelon and grapes will be just right for this time of the year. Also you have to keep in mind that when it's hot aroma can increase and become even stronger.

In a winter time the smells open longer, so the use of spicy, oriental, woody compositions will be quite appropriate.

In the off-season, sweetish and warm aromas of vanilla, rosemary, violet will be relevant.

4. Character

Girls with an active lifestyle (optimists and just cheerful ladies) choose fresh citrus aromas of lemon, mandarin, orange for themselves.

Romantic people tend to wear delicate floral perfumes. So they emphasize their femininity and sophistication.

Balanced, calm individuals often enjoy sweet and spicy oriental scents.

Non-monotone Esse perfume

Based on the recommendations above, you have probably already decided which perfume you need. Esse perfumes have to satisfy everybody: in a wide range of perfumes you can find spicy oriental, delicate floral, daring chypre and fresh green aromas. In addition to that, the travel line of Essays fragrant compositions is presented in an unusual way - they resemble the smell of European cities:

  • sweet and fruity Barcelona;
  • pear-tangerine Rome;
  • romantic jasmine Paris;
  • business and refreshing London;
  • spicy and mysterious Abu Dhabi;
  • fougere-citrus Tokyo;
  • sweet and caramelized Istanbul;
  • bitterly relaxing Dubai;
  • vibrant citrus Hong Kong;
  • woody aromatic New York.

That's why your return from the trip and the bitterness from parting with your beloved city will be a little less, because its smell will remain with you for a long time. You can buy the Esse perfume at Super-Dupers. And you can even order one for yourself and one for your best friend. Super-Dupers online store delivers gifts throughout Europe as well as the United States.