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“Perfume is an invisible, unforgettable and in some places unsurpassed fashion accessory. It notifies  the appearance of a woman and continues to remind of her when she is gone ”, - the unsurpassed Coco Chanel had her own view of the role of perfume in life of every woman. We would like to add that perfume is also some kind of magic. It turns women into unapproachable coquettes and strict business women, you just need to choose the right scent.

Perfume for a specific event. How to choose?

Not every woman has a perfume (yes, it also happens). But many have several favorite bottles. Each of them is designed for special occasions. Imagine if a student girl comes to the first lesson, fragrant with languid spicy notes. Weird, right? So let's analyze in details the science of using smells in specific situations and according to the season.

• For daily use. Perfume for every day - not "catchy" and not provocative. Avoid "sugary" scents (which are overly sweet). The best option is spring floral scents like lavender, lily of the valley, clover or daisy. A suitable alternative is unusual, but pleasant relaxing fragrances: for example, in the Demeter line there are amazing mono fragrances called "Sun", "Blueberry", "Rain".

• For a public event or celebration. Party or birthday ahead? Well, nothing limits you in choosing a perfume! These can be "flashy", bright smells: it is not a shame to be special in such events. For this purpose, use the aromas of ylang-ylang, bergamot, mandarin, black currant. Consider the original smells of watermelon or chewing gum too.

• For office. The main thing in a working environment is follow the rules. In case if work environment is allowing you to wear a scent invigorating and energetic aromas are good. Light and fresh, delicate and unobtrusive scents of jasmine, cedar, musk, heliotrope, tonka beans are also excellent.

• For summer vacations. Here is the answer comes by itself: fresh sea smells are more associated with holiday and relaxation. Pay attention to perfumes with notes of flowers, citrus, musk, sea. By the way, genius people came up with a body mist specially for the summer - a perfumed product for instant skin hydration (bonus: use it over makeup).

• For winter holidays. In winter, the fragrance unfolds longer, layer by layer: do not hesitate to choose musky, chypre, oriental and oriental scents.

"There are no women who do not love perfume. There are women who have not found their scent "

We also agree with the opinion of Merlin Monroe, and we offer a wide range of fragrances. If you still don't know which perfume is right for you, this is not a problem at all. Take a look at the Super-Dupers online store, where you will find a huge selection of fragrances: from complex compositions to mono fragrances. Your perfume will go to your destination by Ukrposhta super fast. We wish you fragrant weekdays and sweet weekends!