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Well, what girl doesn't dream of brand new cosmetics? Even if it seems that you have everything, there is always some novelty that you really want to try. Especially if this “something” from the category of natural cosmetics, which is actively breaking into the Ukrainian markets.

Naturalness in trend

Natural cosmetics are cosmetics that consist of natural ingredients and do not harm humans and the environment. The main feature is that it contains at least 80% organic ingredients. It is not tested on animals (we are incredibly happy about this!), and does not contain animal fats.

Mr. Scrubber belongs to this category of "care" cosmetics. This cosmetics have several advantages:

  • using natural oils and organic ingredients;
  • no synthetic preservatives;
  • the use of natural substances as dyes and flavorings;
  • availability of quality certificates, sanitary and hygienic conclusions;
  • the presence of lines of cosmetics for men and women;
  • loyal price;
  • Ukrainian brand.

But do not forget about the danger for allergy sufferers. The reaction to some substances, especially natural ones, can be unpredictable. Therefore, before choosing a new care product for yourself, you should always carefully study the composition, especially if you know about your reaction to a certain product. Moreover, the composition is written in the public domain on all Mr. Scrubber products.

Sets of natural cosmetics - a gift for advanced youth

You don't have to invent something and reinvent the wheel, if everything has already been done for you and put into sets. A gift set of natural cosmetics is an excellent choice for guys and girls who value their health and maintain an eco-balance on Earth.

You can buy a set of cosmetics by making a couple of clicks on your smartphone and going to the convenient Super-Dupers website. We have such sets in several variations:

  • gift set for men "Man" (by the way, an excellent alternative to socks and shower gel, this stylish gift with hygiene products made from natural ingredients will be appreciated even by the coolest big boss);
  • a gift set with a cosmetic bandage "Peony" (a very profitable gift, even if you run out of moisturizing mask and mousse, the cute bandage with ears will stay with you for a long time);
  • a gift set with argan oil products "Argan" (a real star gift: the scrub and shampoo with argan oil will restore the skin and hair, and the glitter with silver particles will add shine like a superstar).

Pamper your body with natural cosmetics, and it will reciprocate with you, stay strong, healthy and well-groomed. Order, and we will deliver directly to you in any city in Europe and the USA.