Natural Cosmetic for a Gift

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Caring not only about yourself

Натуральная косметика, скраб для телаNatural cosmetics are the best option for you because:

  • no harm (neither you nor the environment);
  • all components are very natural and understandable;
  • no animal abuse (testing).

This is the best gift for a girl who loves cosmetics (gifts for yourself are also gifts). Organic cosmetics is not just taking care of yourself, it is awareness of the problem of negative impact on nature. We offer handmade cosmetics and personal care products. There is something special, even mysterious about handmade cosmetics. An individual approach to each product, quality and natural ingredients - that's what you get for almost the same price as branded cosmetics. Of course, the price of such cosmetics is slightly higher than usual, but it's definitely worth it :)

Feature selection

In our online store you can buy massage oil, face mask, cream, handmade soap, lip balm, bath bomb and more. A simple gift is the oil, lip balm or even perfume, but in order to choose the right face mask or body scrub, you need to know the type of human skin and care features. The best thing, of course, is just to ask - it's better than buying something unsuitable and, accordingly, useless.

Some items are made to order due to their relatively short shelf life. For example, face masks are stored for 3 months, so to get the freshest product, you have to wait a few days after ordering. If it is, for example, perfumes, we can deliver them to you the very next day in any corner of Europe and the USA.