Natural Male Cosmetics for a Gift

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"A real man doesn't use makeup!" - Seriously? Doesn't he use it at all? Well, it's time to refute this musty claim. So, a modern man uses cosmetics. He carefully selects the perfume, styles the hair with mousses and gels and moisturizes the skin. And now, when every second guy is wearing a beard and mustache, balms for the care of these fixed "accessories" have been added to the rest of the harsh peasant products. We are 100 % sure that such a set of cosmetics will not leave indifferent any man and will be an excellent present for your beloved friend or boyfriend for any occasion.

Natural men's cosmetics: what is it and what is it made of

"Natural" means natural, not a bunch of preservatives, parabens and fragrances in the composition. Truly high-quality products consist of natural ingredients: oils, vitamins, waxes, plant extracts and other things that are of natural origin and do not harm hair and skin.

The Super-Dupers online catalog has  men's line of cosmetics for face, beard and hair:


  • a healing balm for the care of tattooed skin areas;
  • wax for hair, as well as modeling for mustache and beard;
  • lipstick and hair clay;
  • oak combs;
  • Gift Baskets.

Все средства украинского производства, они имеют натуральный, экологически безопасный состав и обладают кучей достоинств. 


All cosmetics produced  in Ukraine and have a natural, environmentally friendly composition and have a lot of advantages.

Gift set for men - perfect for any occasion

В нашем интернет-магазине Супер-Дуперс вы сможете купить в подарок как конкретное средство отдельно, так и целый набор в крафтовой коробке с сеном (деревянные гребни + продукты для ухода за растительностью на лице). Набор из косметики в крафтовой коробочке — это готовая идея подарка. In our Super-Dupers online store, you can buy as a gift specific product separately and as well as a  whole set in a craft box (wooden combs + products for facial hair care). A set of cosmetics in a craft box is a ready-made gift idea.

Such a set or any product from the catalog can be presented for Valentine's Day to your soul mate, for a birthday, or just to your best friend or boyfriend / husband for no reason. Cosmetic kits look very presentable.

The choice is yours, and we will quickly deliver your order throughout Europe and the USA.