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Natural cosmetics: fashion trend or real skin care

There is still an opinion that natural cosmetics is the most common cosmetics, super expensive one and blah blah blah. Some people believe that it can be made at home and generally speaking, what kind of cream is this that cannot be used for 10 years or more?

We decided to answer to the "uncomfortable" questions about kind of disadvantages of natural cosmetics.

• High price. Yes, the price of organic and natural products is higher than synthetic ones. But obviously not because "organics are in fashion now and manufacturers want to rip off the dough." But because the process of creating a natural product takes time and that's why expensive. Getting an environmentally friendly product is not so easy. To be able to do this, you need to grow a plant in a clean environment, without chemicals and fertilizers, pay the people who grew that very clean plant, and then also abandon animal tests (this is the cheapest way). Therefore, the high price is justified.

• Causes allergies. Yes, natural extracts, essential oils, extracts can be natural allergens. But synthetic cosmetics are inherently more allergenic (because they are not real to the body). If you do not know how the skin will react to a new product, it is better to conduct an allergy test and read the components carefully.

 • Short shelf life. The shelf life depends only on the presence of preservatives in the product. And synthetic ingredients and natural ingredients are incompatible things. No analogue will replace the benefits of the real, fresh raspberries or lingonberries. No cancerous cells or skin aging, just berry snacks in every jar.

• No instant results. Yes, natural cosmetics is not a story about instant beauty. You need to give her a little time so that the skin gets used to the new product and begins to use its own resources to restore cells. But the effect will last much longer than from artificial cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics from Super Dupers

Hillary Cosmetics is a Ukrainian brand that produces cosmetics only from natural  materials without synthetic preservatives. In just a year, the guys have proven themselves in the beauty market.

As you know, we are all in favor of eco-products: natural and organic, which does not harm our green planet. It is quite logical that our store also has natural cosmetics: products for hair, body and face (exclusively natural).

For hair:

  • natural hair masks;
  • spray heat protection for hair;
  • hair conditioners.

For face:

  • ubtan for the face;
  • face fluid;
  • hyaluronic serum;
  • transparent face powder.

For body:

  • bath salts;
  • body scrubs;
  • body mist;
  • solid body creams;
  • dry massage brush;
  • oils for sunburn and against it.

Where to buy ubtan, body mist, body scrub and other natural skin care products? Super-Dupers are already rushing to the rescue. Our partners at Hillary and us show our love for you and the environment through a cool product. Feel free to fill the entire shelf in the bathroom and smell of berries all day long. We send Hillary cosmetics to any city in Europe and the USA.