Creative Seat Belt Pads

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A plain seat belt looks boring. And feels awful to skin. But if you put a special pad on it, it will arise like a stylish Phoenix. It's soft and bright and puts you on a good vibe. It especially good for children, they will be excited to learn how to fasten such a bright belt.

Seat belt pad - awesome thing!

No jokes, the person who created it must be a genius. Due to this pad, we can make our life brighter. This seat belt pad has the following functions:

  • softens belt's tension — your body will thank you;
  • protects clothes from stains and avoids damage;
  • decorates your car and gives a good vibe;
  • attracts kids' attention — they fasten it with more interest.

It's easy to use: wrap around your seat belt and fix it with a hook-and-loop. It's a bit rough inside, therefore it doesn't slide down the belt. If you're a perfectionist you'll enjoy it.

A seat belt pad is a great gift for a car owner

A cute and original seat belt pad is a great gift for those car owners who like everything stylish. We recommend you to buy 4 pics at once to equip your car. You can take the same or different colors, it's up to you, have fun. Super-Dupers has the list to offer:

  • with cats;
  • sheep;
  • stars;
  • bananas;
  • teddy bears;
  • foxes;
  • and even DNA.

We have options for kids (with cartoon animal prints) and grown-ups (cosmos, stars, etc.). Pads are made of cotton with soft and durable filler.

A seat belt pad is an awesome gift for those who have kids. The price of your child's safety is way more expensive than your car and, sure, any accessory.

Choose a bright pad, box, and shipping point. We deliver Super-Dupers gifts worldwide.

The feeling of safety is priceless! Especially when it can be comfy and stylish... You got our point, right?