Stylish Travel cases


Be on style and ease

If you have ever had a journey you know good enough how exciting and stressful can be packing up at home and going through airport procedures. You must keep an eye on everything - luggage, bags, smartphone, passport, and flight tickets, to name the least. Every 5 minutes you think that you've forgotten or lost your boarding pass and start searching over and over in your bags and pockets. It would be great if there would be one perfect place for all essentials. The travel case is a great accessory to make your flight experience more organized and less stressful.

The travel case goes in an optimal size and has enough pockets to place flight tickets, passports, smartphone, money, and credit cards. It's easy to carry in your hand and big enough not to get lost in your backpack or bag when it's most needed.

Along with the travel case goes a little notebook to write down a travel plan, hotel address, places to visit, etc. Thematic stickers will help you to highlight the info and not to get bored with the process. And notebook design itself gives you a vacation vibe. Moreover, you'll find two funny boarding passes in the names of Leeloo and Korben Dallas and a door hanger inside this accessory.

Travel cases are tailored in high-quality Italian leather and made by Kyiv craftsmen who've created three designs to pick from: with a vivid stripy belt, with a low-key suitcase clasp, or a sophisticated travel case with many useful pockets (so-called organizer). You're to choose what suits you best. 

Aviaholder is a great gift for a traveler. For a person who can't imagine life without flights. This accessory is essential. And it's not only stylish but handy as well.