Creative Road Trip Things


Trip = Adventure. And the adventure can be ideal when everything is under control and thought out to detail. Therefore, travel accessories are always a good idea to make a trip cozy, comfortable, and stylish.

Top-5 essentials for traveling:

Маска для сна

Wanna restful sleep? Wanna stop worrying about a thing? Dreaming about organizing the order in your suitcase with no fuss? No problem, we got your back. We've prepared 5 amazing essentials for every trip. Here they are:

  • Neck pillow «Raccoon» — so lovable and huggable accessory, we can't resist it! Will accompany you in train, bus, car, or plane and make your trip more enjoyable;
  • Travel kit «Wind blows river flows» — no need to choose between your favorite care products. Take them all! Organize your essentials with no fuss and take them everywhere;
  • Sleep mask «Kitties» — use this cute and soft to skin mask to see the brightest dreams, not being interrupted by the brightest light;
  • Travel case «Flight» — keep all documents at hand — passport, tickets, insurance, hotel booking info. This case will give you confidence and a good vibe;
  • Travel organizer «Qianyecao Travel» — your makeup, lingerie, and every small stuff will be in place due to this stylish pouch.

We guess you're ready to pick some lovely trip helpers.

Where to buy travel essentials?

A travel essential is a great and practical gift for everyone. Just imagine, that thousand of meters away, your close person will be hugged by a comfortable and soft neck pillow, and the meal will be kept warm by a cool thermal bag.

The travel essential gift is:

  • the high comfort level in any circumstances;
  • your personal dose of good vibe;
  • the organization thought out to details.

No jokes, it's an ideal gift option. And, moreover, don't wait for an occasion to treat yourself, your friends and relatives, because travel essential always will be on point on a daily basis - when you go to the gym, stay at your friends' home, or simply like to keep your home organized.  Go to "Super-Dupers" catalog right away! We offer a wide range of goods at reasonable prices and fast shipping across the USA and Europe.

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