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If you are looking for a stylish, elegant, cool gift with a twist – this is a flask for alcohol! The flask has nothing to do with the addiction of drinking. Quite the opposite is true. Having in your arsenal such a luxurious thing as a flask, you show yourself from the side of a lover of good elite alcohol and that the main thing is not quantity, but quality.

7 reasons to opt for a flask​

A pocket flask is a practical and convenient thing. And it is notl necessary that this little thing is intended only for representatives of harsh professions and hobbies, such as hunters, travelers, builders. Absolutely everyone can be a happy owner of a flask. And here are some useful facts to help you choose this item, both for a gift and for personal use:

  • convenience – after all, it is really convenient not to wander around the city with a plastic or glass bottle, but to take a small container exactly with the portion that you are going to consume today;
  • compactness – this little thing can be safely carried to the cinema just in your pocket so that no one will notice. And the movie will be a little bit more interesting and the mood will be way better;
  • durability – made from quality food grade steel, the flask will last you many years if handled correctly;
  • the fixed lid is just a mega-cool device, the lid is really impossible to lose, as it is securely fixed;
  • a luxurious gift – oh yes, it's not a shame to present such a gift even to the boss;
  • invigorating effect – an indispensable thing in a hike, will invigorate when freezing or fatigue;
  • it's always helpful, whatever one may say – in any incomprehensible situation, take out a flask with 125 grams of your favorite drink and the situation will become clearer.

Flasks from SuperDopers for all occasions

In SuperDupers online store you can really find these alcoholic accessories for those occasions when it is very important to remain a tough nut to crack:

  • when you are Mendeleev (well, at least you think so) – all chemist friends or those who have learned only this formula from the entire chemistry course, a flask «C₂H₅OH» is perfect as a gift;
  • when there is not enough superpowers – suddenly aliens decided to invade the galaxy, and you are still not Superman? The "Superman" flask will definitely have something that will make you a little bit of a hero;
  • when "Plan A" did not work – what you took with you in the flask "Plan B" will slightly brighten the bitterness of the fiasco and build new plans that will definitely come true.

You can buy a flask from us, at SuperDupers. The doors of our showroom are always open from Monday to Friday and we are waiting for new guests. Beautifully packaged, gifts quickly delivered around the world, wherever your heart desires.