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Thermal mug lens Nican Zoom 24-70
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The regular cup became more so as a  silly gift nowadays, even though it used to be  a part of a team ritual a long time ago. A nice cup or mug with an unusual shape or with a cool print is much better and more interesting.But the top of the evolution of this present no doubt is  a thermo mug.This gift combines everything: practicality, versatility, originality and stylish design. The Super-Dupers online store has prepared an extensive collection of unusual thermo mugs for a gift.

Thermomug: gift for everyone

Термокружки на подарок - Интернет-магазин СуперПуперс

There is nothing more pleasant than  to pour aromatic coffee or cocoa into a mug and go for a walk. It’s so nice to make a sip of warm drink and have a nice time outside. Or you can do the same during summer time, just  pour ice lemonade in it and hot month of July will not bother you.

Even the simplest model has the following properties:

  • keeps cold and warm from 3 hours (thermo bottles - up to 24 hours);
  • has good quality and does not break;
  • does not leak in a bag or backpack, even when you shake it.

First of all, the advantages of thermal dishes will be appreciated by travelers, cyclists, lovers of long walks or beach holidays. If it’s one of your friends or relatives feel free to buy one of these and be sure they will use it and always remember you.

To buy thermo mugs with delivery in  Super-Dupers online store

Super-Dupers online store offers a large selection of really high quality thermo mugs and gift bottles. You can choose a standard or creative design, because such products are appreciated not only for their practical, but also for the aesthetic quality. You can order any product from our catalog with delivery to the USA and Europe. Super-Dupers are creative gifts for everyone!