Creative Touch Gloves for Smartphones


Every smartphone or tablet user faces one big problem when the cold weather comes: the touch screen does not respond to the touch of gloved fingers. You have to take off your mittens and poke your smartphone with a chilling hand, trying to dial a message in a short time, select music in the player or answer a call. This is inconvenient and then you have to warm your hands in your pocket.

But, as they say in all common advertisements: "There is a way out!" - special gloves for touch screens. These gloves will be the best gift for Apple fans. It makes much easier the usage of favorite gadget.

Touch gloves for smartphones - what is it

Перчатки для сенсорных экранов

In appearance, these accessories have no difference from ordinary mittens: they are soft, comfortable and warm (made of wool). Their difference and main feature is that special conductive threads are woven into the yarn. They are not everywhere, but only in places of contact with the touchscreen - in the place of the phalanges of the middle, index and thumb.

The touchcover is on both hands - without any division into right and left hands.

These gloves are safe in use - they do not scratch the display and do not leave any marks. Also, do not worry that the phone will suddenly hit the asphalt, slipping out of the palm - hold it comfortably, and falls are virtually excluded.


SuperDupers gloves for a touchscreen as a gift

In the SuperDupers creative gifts store catalog, you can buy 2 types of such gloves:

  • bamboo - from bamboo fibers with conductive threads;
  • iGlove brand - comfortable knitted accessories for iPhones.

Available in various sizes to fit any hand.

This is a great option for a birthday present, Student's Day, New Year, or even for no reason.

The price for such accessories is quite reasonable. Remember that you pay for the comfort, and only then for the accessory itself.

We will deliver your purchase to any corner of Europe and the USA.