Great Portable Speakers


The time when "tough guys" walked with huge tape recorders on their shoulders is long gone. Huge is not cool. The baby column - this is the "thing" today.

Portable speaker is convenient and practical

The main plus of the bluetooth speaker is that no additional wires are needed. You can easily take it to the nature or to ypur friends and dance to your favorite tracks for many hours. If the portable speaker plays in light mode (that is, at medium volume), then the charge will last for as much as 10 hours! And fans of high volume can enjoy music for 4-5 hours without recharging the device.

What devices can be connected to a portable speaker? Almost everything. Bluetooth 4.2 technology and 3.5 mm mini-jack make it possible to connect the speaker to both a smartphone and a computer.

If you are a fan of listening music with very high volume level then this speaker is not your option. 3W of power ensures comfortable sound without wheezing. There are enough of them to completely “fill” with music an average room of 25 m². Surround sound allows you to watch movies like in a cinema, even from a regular laptop.

Where is a bluetooth speaker useful?

In fact, everywhere. With a compact size and weight of 125 grams you can put it even in a women's purse. So it's gonna be useful:

On a picnic

Of course, you can make snacks over a fire, play volleyball and swim without music. But it's much more fun with it. You can even arrange dance competitions to make your vacation memorable for a long time. And the main thing is that you don't need to run and switch tracks. Arrange a lazy DJ disco: connect your smartphone via bluetooth and play the songs you want without getting up from your hammock.

At work

Why not? Of course, if you work in a bank, customers will not appreciate the hard rock from the speakers. But if the work is related to physical activity, music will be an additional motivator. And even if you work in a dusty or humid environment - nothing will happen to the speaker. It wipes off perfectly, while the sound remains the same.

In a shower or pool

Are you a fan of singing in the shower? You can safely take a column with you for water procedures. It is not afraid of splashes or jets of water. IPX5 water resistant allows you to enjoy your music on the beach or pool without a  fear.

In a trip

If you don't have a radio, the speaker can be the entertainment function in the car. You can even attach it to the handlebars of a bicycle and never ever part with the music. The main thing is not to forget to fully charge it before leaving, so it will last until the end of the trip from point A to point B (where you can recharge again).

You can buy a bluetooth speaker in SuperDupers online store. This is a great gift for the musiclover-traveler. Walking in the mountains is incredibly interesting and exciting, but if you do it with your favorite music, the hike becomes steeper. And just in case you don't have troubles such as “battery is low” while your journey, be sure to take a powerbank with you.