Creative Portable Chargers (Power banks)


Power Bank is a universal thing. You can take it with you wherever you go and no longer worry about the low battery or that you will be left without connection, internet and camera. It saves in different situations, easily fits into a small purse and looks stylish. You can buy it for your personal use, or you can buy it for a gift: it's gonna be a solid and useful present.

A million situations where you need a Power Bank

Портативные зарядные устройства

A portable charger should have been invented much earlier - this would have solved dozens of problems at once in different situations:

  • while traveling - especially if you are not staying in hotels;
  • during a long trip by train or bus;
  • while hiking, when there are hundreds of kilometers to civilization;
  • while riding a bike;
  • at school, when you need to recharge your smartphone unnoticed by the teacher;
  • on the beach or in the pool;
  • during a long walk around the city;
  • if the light is suddenly turned off, and the phone is discharged;
  • if the native charger is broken, and the other is not at hand.

And there is also a situation when it's just too lazy to get up from a cozy armchair in the office or at home from the couch and walk to the outlet - a portable charger will help out here too.

New trend: mobile chargers with original designs

Power Bank is cool, but Power Bank with a beautiful design that catches your eye is doubly cool and unusual. If you are tired of the classics, take a look at such anti-classical options: external batteries with different cool images of an elephant, a reading cat, palm leaves, a crocodile that wants to hug you, swallows and much more.

In SuperDupers online store there are such portable batteries for your phone and tablet. They are decorated with pictures on both sides, they charge 2 devices at the same time, light and thin (they can be placed in a small clutch or wallet). The battery capacity is 5000 mAh - this is enough to charge the device 1.5-2 times. In terms of price and capacity, they belong to the budget segment.

Such a useful accessory will appeal to a creative person, student, cyclist, traveler, driver and just someone who uses different gadgets and loves everything beautiful and unusual.

We will pack your order and send it to any city in the world.