Creative Cellphone and Tablet Stands

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Cellphone and tablet stands is the best gift. For whom?

Подставка под смартфон, планшет в виде зайкиYou are in the right place if you are looking for a gift for someone who:

  • starts the day by watching the news or TV series at breakfast;
  • loves comfortable unusual things;
  • loves when all things have their own place;
  • put the smartphone on a soft napkin (in general, who treats things with care);
  • loves everything related to all sorts of devices;
  • and just a cutie.

If you fall under this description, you are in a danger zone, now you will decide to choose a gift for yourself :) Because has cute and convenient stands for iPhone, iPad and everything else. There's even an apple design, it's just made for Apple-man.

For different situations

Conventionally, our stands can be divided into:

  • table stands;
  • stand-base for the phone;
  • organizer.

The first type of stands is very convenient both at home and at work. The smartphone on the stand is in a comfortable position with an ideal tilt for Internet surfing, chatting, watching videos. The stand is designed in special way so that the device can be charged, while using, and the headphones can be connected.

The second type of stands was created for those who love order, who doesn't like when the phone is just lying on the table or somewhere else. And such stands are especially convenient if the home technique are synchronized with each other (for example, a tablet with a TV). Place the stand on a TV-stand so the device is in a conspicuous place.

Organizer stands are the Gods of stands. In addition to space for a smartphone, such stands have many mini-hangers, holes for things that should be close at hand in one place. Come home, put your phone on the charging stand, put your wallet, glasses next to it, hang your keys and watch. And in the morning you take everything away, skipping the stage of “finding it all around the apartment”.

Quality and cutie

But the most important thing in our stands is quality. The stands are made of natural wood and laminated plywood. Wood is solid, practical and the cost is correspondingly higher, laminated plywood is light, smooth and budget. Our Super-Dupers online store tries to make the assortment suitable for different tastes and interests, and so that the price is also adequate. Our office is located in Kiev, but in the 21st century, delivery of anything and anywhere is not a problem. Order today, in 2 weeks you will receive it in any city in the world.