Women's Sweatshirts with Original Design

Sweatshirt with fleece "Sock", white

$33.99 $36.99

Sweatshirt "Sweet morning"


Sweatshirt "Sock", black


Sweatshirt "Loved Ones", white


Sweatshirt "Corgi", white

$29.99 $34.99

Sweatshirt "Corgi", black


Sweatshirt "Cocoa"


Sweatshirt  "Cats in Love"

$29.99 $34.99

Women's sweatshirt is such a trendy sweater. Lightweight, spacious, beautiful. It is worn with skirts, trousers, shorts, tights and even with dresses. We will characterize it as follows: this is the thing that falls out of the closet the first. And whatever falls out the first - is a “must have”.

Print is the main "thing" of the sweatshirt

The sweatshirt could have been a regular sweater if it would be without the prints. The large and original design makes it a fashionable wardrobe item. In such clothes, you can come to work and have fun at a party.

In our “SuperDupers” online store all sweatshirts for girls are designed and decorated with unusual prints in the form of:

  • Glinty hedgehog, which will warm and treat you with mulled wine;
  • Husky face;
  • pandas with a loooot of tangerines (a cool gift for the New Year);
  • sunny lion cub, with whom you feel warm, like in summer;
  • touching foxes and bears;
  • sly red fox in a warm scarf.

Stop stop! We are not going to give you all the secrets. Look in the catalog, look at the prints and mentally try on how all this warm miracle will fit you.

Sweatshirt is the best winter gift

Choosing a gift for a girl is always hard. Women are very unpredictable, and you cannot predict exactly what they will like and what they will not. So: what you definitely will not go wrong with is a designer sweatshirt. Because:

  • it is beautiful and unusual;
  • warm and soft;
  • fits almost any style;
  • can be easily combined with different clothes.

The main thing is to buy a suitable sweatshirt size. Our catalog contains models of all sizes, and if you are in doubt, it is better to take the “over size”.

Basically all sweatshirts are cotton (100% cotton). There is a warm fleece, tight cuffs and a bottom hem that fit well and do not let the nasty cold through.

The designer sweatshirts with embroidered prints are the most expensive. Handmade and delicate work, bright colors, neutral gray background. It looks very stylish and original. You will definitely not meet another such fashionista on the street!

You can order a women's sweatshirt as a gift for your friend, sister, daughter or even mom and grandmother in our "SuperDupers" catalog. Choose the size you need in the table, the coolest drawing and packaging. And everything else is on us: we will place an order and deliver the purchase to any city in the USA or Europe.