Sweatshirts with Original Design

Sweatshirt with fleece "Sock", white

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Sweatshirt "Sweet morning"


Sweatshirt "Sock", black


Sweatshirt "Loved Ones", white


Sweatshirt "Corgi", white

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Sweatshirt "Corgi", black


Sweatshirt "Cocoa"


Sweatshirt  "Cats in Love"

$29.99 $34.99

A sweatshirt is a fashionable youth trend of recent years, which is worn literally for everything that is possible, even for dresses (!). It is warm and comfortable, plus it can complement or change any look. Designers apply bright prints, patterns, emblems and other staff to it, increasing the price of the finished product and, accordingly, brand awareness. Some young designers use this to promote their brands.

And also, a sweatshirt is a very universal thing, it is perfect as a gift for a friend, sister, girlfriend and even a work colleague.

How does a sweatshirt differ from a sweater or a hoodie?

Свитшот с дизайнерским принтом

What is a “sweater” and what is a "hoodie"? How do they differ and how to choose a sweatshirt among all this? In fact, it's easy to find out:

  • it is spacious and does not fit the figure;
  • neckline - round;
  • does not have pockets and a hood;
  • bottom and cuffs are trimmed with embossed elastic;
  • the shoulder line is underestimated, and the hand has a raglan shape;
  • the inside is rough, made of warm footer.

Sweatshirt: universality is on maximum

It really can be worn with anything and whenever you want, the main thing is to understand a little about the correct combinations. Most often, sweatshirt is combined with skinny jeans and leggings. In this combination, you need to pay attention to the lower part: it is better if the trousers are dark in color and the shoes are black. This will make the silhouette visually slimmer and more fit. 

They look good with long maxi skirts, especially made of “flying” fabrics. Business pencil skirts and naughty mini skirts will also be appropriate. If you do not mind experimenting, you can try a combination of sweatshirt + shorts: they can be either standard (denim, solid color) or unusual (lace, leather).

SuperDupers sweatshirts as a gift

How do you like this idea? Buy an original sweatshirt with a print, wrap it in beautiful wrapping paper and present it for Birthday, New Year, Christmas (this is a great option for winter holidays) or Valentine's Day. We think it's very cool and always appropriate.

Our online catalog contains a large selection of women's and men's models with designer prints (black and white or colored). They are made of thick and warm 100% cotton. Available in all sizes, from the compact S to the spacious L.

Delivery of orders from the online store is carried out worldwide (USA and Europe).

And remember: you need to get warm stylishly!