Original Mittens

Mittens "White princess"


Mittens "Paws", green


Mittens "Paws", cream


Mittens "Monkey OK!"


Mittens "Hot-Dog"


Mittens "Hedgehogs", red


Mittens "Hedgehogs", gray


Mittens "Hedgehogs", cream


Mittens "Fluffy" (black)

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Mittens "Brown Bear"


When the air temperature tends to zero, and the calendar reminds of the approaching cold weather, the most important thing to do is to keep warm. Warm up with warm words, drinks and hugs of loved ones. And also - cool warm clothes, for example, mittens.

Original mittens: top 5 cool models

Красные варежки

Fluffy, touching, charming, unusual ... There are many of them, and we offer to get acquainted with the "five" of the most beloved:

  • Mittens for lovers - always be together, intertwine your fingers, even when it's very cold, and make winter the happiest season - it's so easy when there are mittens, one of which is common;
  • "Indigo" - faux fur of a spectacular blue color was made to create a bright mood even in the coldest and strongest winters;
  • “Brilliant green” - pleasant to the touch, fluffy and original green, these stylish mittens must decorate your winter, make you fall in love with yourself and make you even happier;
  • "Monkey OK!" - perky print with a monkey, bright yellow color, lace and cozy faux fur inside - everything you need to make the mood joyful, positive and cool;
  • “White princess” - princesses are different, and when a charming goose becomes a princess, and even wearing red mittens, your originality simply will have no boundaries.

And in what clothes will you hide your hands this winter?

Where to buy trendy mittens?

No need to wait for your fingers to start to freeze - take care of cool mittens in advance! By the way, it is difficult to find a more cute thing for a gift. These mittens are just the perfect way to say "I love", "I like you", "you mean a lot to me."

In addition, not a single animal was harmed during the production of our fur mittens - we offer items made of high-quality artificial fur.

And who are “we”? We are a cool SuperDupers online store that will create mood, love in the air and make your dreams come true. And delivery all over the world (USA, Europe) will help you get your favorite things as soon as possible.

So just go forward - to warmth and comfort!