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New trends of women's bags

We could start by saying, “How do you choose women's bags? We know exactly what you need. " But we honestly don't know. Only your personal feelings and flight of imagination will help you with the purchase of the best accessory for you. But we are aware of what trends are now in the top. Perhaps they can help you to choose a new handbag.

Round bags

A round purse is already a musthave. It suits any image (depending on the color and print). A bag in pastel colors can be worn for a business meeting or a romantic one. But the accessory with a bright print will perfectly complement the youth hipster look.

Eco-friendly bags

We are infinitely happy that the world is becoming more eco-friendly and not indifferent to environmental problems. Fashionistas gladly refuse leather products with fur and leave them in the past (where girls wore rings on each finger to show their coolness). Eco-leather bags, beautiful cloth bags and even net shopping bags reliably strengthen their position in the everyday life of a modern fashion lady.

Bag in bag

It can be either a clutch bag in a transparent tote or a bucket bag in a net shopping bag. If you need to look unusual and stylish, then the bag in the bag is your faithful assistant.

Mini bag or huge bag

The middling is no longer in vogue. Extremes are. Depending on the purpose for which the bag is put on, you can "play" with the size. A small clutch is enough for a standard set of essentials: keys, wallet, phone if you are going to a romantic meeting. But if you plan to spend the whole day outside, the oversized bag is the best. It is especially good in the off-season, when you need to take a warm jacket and an umbrella with you. Big or small, it doesn't matter, it is important that the bag is in harmony with your look, and you feel like a million dollar baby.

Backpacks and banana bags

This is an immortal trend that will go beyond any fashion laws. Young mothers and active girls choose backpacks and banana bags. The waist and shoulder bags are 100% hands-free and free of movement. Of course, this option is not suitable for parties, but for work or a walk with a child, this is a number one accessory.

Cross body bag

A crossbody bag is a small handbag that is worn over the shoulder. Saddlebags, clutches, pouches, messengers can be classified as "cross body" bags. The long strap is their distinguishing feature. It makes the shoulder bag as comfortable as possible, because it is always at hand level. You don't need make any unnecessary body movements to get the right thing.

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