Cool Eco-bags

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Caution: completely "eco" and definitely not secret

If you have opened our store for the first time, then we want to confess right away. We, the SuperDupers team, love nature very much and take care of its safety. We do not welcome leather and fur products, animal tested cosmetics and plastic bags. Yes, sometimes we have to use postal packages for sending or stretch film to keep the package safe, but we really feel terrible at that same time.

Every time we send an order with goods of the “eco” category, our inner “eco-friend” rejoices and opens champagne (mentally, of course, no alcohol at work :). And eco-bags are one of those.

When you go to the store with your bag, remember:

Carry it in your bag. According to the principle of Koshchei the Immortal - a bag in an eco-bag, an eco-bag in the main bag and the main bag on the shoulder. Then you will definitely not forget them at home (unless, of course, they are dried after washing). In that case, write yourself a reminder for the refrigerator. Chalk on a magnetic board is also very convenient.

It's not a shame. And quite the opposite. No haughty looks from sellers should convince you otherwise. This is your little protest against polyethylene lawlessness. And even if you are alone in line with your packages, it's okay: you are cool and you do everything right.

Notify in advance that you have your own package. It's great when you stock up at one point and they already know you, and don't ask questions about the package. But if you shop in different places, then it is better to notify the seller in advance, or better just give your grocery bags in advance and the issue will be closed.

Don't forget to wash. Super-clean fruits and vegetables (especially root vegetables) do not always come across. In order for your reusable bags to serve faithfully for many years, they need to be washed. A washing machine is fine. It is best to do this with delicate fabrics and low spin speeds. And by the way, they dry mega-quickly, so you won't be left without your eco-bags for a long time.

Each product has its own bag. If you have allocated a specific bag for cereals (yes, fine mesh bags are great for shopping for cereals such as rice, buckwheat, pasta), then use it only for this category of products. Likewise, you can distribute the bags for vegetables and fruits. So that it's not gonna be like today you carry carrots in a bag, and tomorrow you put cookies or bagels.

Try to go to the market just once with your eco-friendly bag and you will see how much more enjoyable shopping can be. You can save up to 20 plastic bags in one trip to the store. Order cool mesh bags at SuperDupers and run to the store for fresh fruit.