Creative Cloth Bags

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“Make until the summer” list: buy a swimsuit, fit into a new swimsuit, change the wallpaper on your desktop to summer one and buy an eco-bag with a cool logo. Why is the last point so important? Without a cotton soft bag it is impossible to go on any decent vacation: it creates a special, summer mood, and also contains a lot of useful things.

Eco bags - no plastic bags

Cloth bags are ecological and environmentally friendly accessories. They are sewn from natural dense cotton, no synthetics that "decompose" for 10 years.

АвоськаEco-bags are decorated with original prints and complement summer looks. Such an accessory can be taken not only to the supermarket, but also:

  • for a picnic - instead of a standard picnic basket;
  • for a walk - a bottle of water, a book and a good mood will fit in it;
  • to work in the office - to smile yourself and make smile the colleagues in the morning;
  • for shopping - to look stylish and not rustle bags in boutiques;
  • to the beach - even if it accidentally gets wet, it will dry very quickly;
  • in a pool or for a workout - all things will fit in it.

And you can also go out with it (rather fly out) from the house early in the morning, breathe in the fresh warm air and shout: "I love you, summer!" It brings joy.

Gift Printed Bags

If your friend is a creative person and you are wondering how to surprise him or her - look for a cool eco-bag with a logo. This is an original and practical gift that you can immediately use.

An artist can put a sketchbook and paints or markers in a bag, a designer can put a tablet, and a writer - a Moleskine writing kit and a book for inspiration. It is pleasant to get various things out of it and look at a beautiful watercolor drawing. The mood kicks in immediately, and we are not exaggerating!

In the SuperDupers catalog there are cloth handbags with the following prints:

  • bananas and pineapples (very summer);
  • Rick and Morty from the famous animated series;
  • beautiful landscapes;
  • funny animals;
  • and other original stories.

Pictures on bags are handmade. The painting technique is watercolor, the colors are soft, slightly washed out and very light. For price, size, material and beauty, all eco-bags are the same.

You can order gift directly in our online store - we have a separate service for this. We will deliver the chosen gift by to any city in the world.