Original Carrying Backpacks for Pets

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Pets don't like to go far from home. They are very reluctantly leave the boundaries of the studied area. But what if you want to take your pet on a picnic out of town, ride a bike with it, or even go to another city? For such cases, you need a carrier backpack. It is comfortable, soft and, most importantly, not so scary to get to know the big world.

Not just a carrier, but a whole space rocket

Рюкзак-переноска для животных

A carrying backpack for pets is much better than a regular one that needs to be carried in your hand. And that's why:

  • it is convenient to carry it - just like a regular backpack - behind your back;
  • it is easier, because it does not interfere at all, and hands are free all the time;
  • the pet sees everything: there is a window with a viewing angle of 180 °;
  • it is comfortable inside: soft, warm, everything is visible and there is fresh air;
  • suitable for any season: it is not cold in winter and not stuffy in summer;
  • there are pockets for all your necessities: food, toys and water;
  • original view - passers-by will look around and ask: "Where to buy this?"

The backpack is suitable for animals weighing up to 7 kg: for cats, small dogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, raccoons and even foxes (although they are too active for such an enclosed space).

The most unusual thing is the form of this carrier. It has a plastic porthole through which the pet can observe what is happening outside. Because of the porthole, the carrier does not look like a backpack, but like a mini-rocket.

Rocket, shuttle and bathyscaphe in SuperDupers online store

There are 2 types of carrying backpacks in the catalog:

  • with a porthole on top and a large mesh open space on the side;
  • with a porthole only at the side.

Both are comfortable and lightweight (up to 2 kg). There are vents, side pockets and a padded mat underneath to help the animal sit comfortably and shake less. The closed version with a porthole is more suitable for the cold season, and the open version with a large opening on the side is more suitable for the warm season.

Backpack material is plastic with leatherette or plastic with cloth. Leatherette models are little bit more expensive.

If your friend, acquaintance or loved one has a pet, give him such a carrier backpack. It will be especially useful for a traveler who needs to leave often, but don't want to leave a pet at home or on someone else.

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