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Belt bags

What first comes on your mind when you see the belt bags? Surely, sellers in the market who store cash in them, and also with the turbulent 90s, when teenagers wore them, complementing bright colored leggings and sports jackets with such items. Now these accessories are back in fashion - bananas are worn by active young guys and girls, using them not only for storing money. If you still have not decided what to give your beloved boyfriend, girlfriend or friend, feel free to choose this universal bag, cause absolutely everyone will like it.

Bananas can be used:

  • while walking and cycling (your hands are free);
  • doing any kind of sports;
  • for photo shoots;
  • while traveling (instead of a travel cosmetic bag or organizer);
  • walks with small children;
  • at parties;
  • in hiking tours.

Some models look very solid - they can be worn to work in the office without fear of looking stupid or tasteless.

Belt bags are the perfect accessory for active people

Сумки на поясThe banana is an advanced wallet that you can clip to your belt, chest, shoulders, back, and even neck if you wish. It costs no more than a high-quality wallet, but at the same time much more various necessary little things fit into it:

  • documents;
  • money;
  • cosmetics;
  • pocket mirror;
  • keys;
  • phone;
  • headphones and charger;
  • a pack of wet wipes, antibacterial hand spray;
  • lighter;
  • perfume;
  • medications.

In addition to spaciousness, belt bags are also good because they are perfect for almost any outfit. They can be combined with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses (as a strap that casually emphasizes the waist), overalls, jackets and even coats.

Original bananas for a gift at SuperDupers

In our SuperDupers online store of creative gifts you can buy stylish and convenient bananas for a gift to a friend, a traveler, an athlete, a student, and after all, absolutely for everyone, since this little thing is really universal! Products are made of high-quality eco-leather in various shades (pink, olive, blue, brown, black&white, turquoise, gold, silver and many others) and dense nylon.

We deliver orders to any city in the world (Europe and USA) by postal services.