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No matter how capricious and changeable street fashion is, truly stylish and useful things remain at the top positions for years. Backpacks are a great example. Now almost everyone goes with them: from teenagers and athletes to grandmothers slowly walking in the supermarket, and models conquering the podium. Even some businessmen do not neglect this most convenient accessory - they are serious people, but still.

But if we figure it out properly, this popularity is not surprising, and here's why:

  • it is extremely comfortable and leaves both hands free;
  • you can defile in the city park, and race on a bike on the road- both are comfortable;
  • a lot of things fit in it (even more than in a bottomless handbag);
  • it is not so easy to steal a wallet or phone from it;
  • after all, it is a very stylish piece that fits with almost anything.

What is a fashionable look without a backpack?

Необычные рюкзаки

Most modern street looks necessarily include a backpack. And not in vain, because without it, any image looks incomplete and not so original. It's good that due to its versatility, this accessory can be combined with almost any clothing:

  • men's shoes (oxfords, chelsea, brogues, martins);
  • sports type (sneakers, gym shoes);
  • beach (flip flops, espadrilles, etc.);
  • jeans (including classic ones);
  • skirts and dresses;
  • sweatshirts;
  • shorts;
  • parks;
  • leather pants and in general - grunge style;
  • and even shoes with heels (the higher the heel, the smaller the backpack).

In short, mix and match!

Cool backpacks from SuperDupers

You can buy an unusual backpack for a gift or for yourself in the catalog of our creative online store SuperDupers. Here you will find stylish and inexpensive urban options: from genuine vintage leather or tarpaulin, classic solid colors or with all kinds of color prints.

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