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Belt bag «My city»


Belt bag «Favorite city»


What do you think it takes for the whole world to know that you are the most original, stylish and creative? No, you don't have to conquer the Universe - you can just buy a cool backpack or an unusual bag. You get the "Raffaello" effect - instead of a thousand words!

Top 7 trendy bags and backpacks

If you care about what is on your shoulders / belt / in your hands, then these stylish accessories were definitely created for you! For example, here is such a wonderful "seven":

  • bag on a belt "Crystal" - transparent is fashionable, to put on a belt is fashionable, as a result - an ultra-fashionable and hyperactive accessory;
  • "Matte Onyx" banana bag with such a laconic and extremely convenient accessory. It is comfortable to walk a lot with it and at the same time you always have the most important things at hand;
  • backpack-carrier for animals "Lemon" - yes, you always need to look cool, even if you are carrying your beloved pet to the veterinarian, and the cosmically comfortable and cute CosmoPet carrier will help you with this;
  • barrel bag "London" - the very laconicism, style and spaciousness, thanks to which your look will be on the top, and convenience is just off scale;
  • city ​​bag "I love books" - everything is clear here: if you are a book lover and want to tell the world about this by hanging a stylish accessory on your shoulders, we think you know what to do;
  • saddle bag "Cactus" - a practical accessory with an original print, that says that the owner is a little thorn, but his cuteness does not suffer from this at all;
  • backpack "Vesper" - if travel has been exclusively in the plans for a long time, it's time to get a cool roomy  backpack and act.

Adventures, dates, trips, walks, road to work, unexpected meetings - who knows what events await you with a new accessory?

Three "must have" bags

Different bags are needed, different bags are important. And here are the three most necessary and important:

  • a shopper - ideal for everyday life, which will hold a pile of documents, a kilogram of apples, changeable shoes (or whatever you wear);
  • backpack bag - two in one, moreover, relevant and roomy;
  • a bright clutch is an indispensable thing that will put a beautiful point in your evening look.

In general, we leave you no chance: to be creative, original and comfortable! Memorize or write down: SuperDupers online store, no need to knock - go straight in. And worldwide shipping will make your online shopping even cooler.

Let's get creative together?